5 Basic Foot Reflexology Techniques | Reflexology

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So, there are four standard foot reflexology techniques. I am going to add one. There is reflexologist named Dr. Manzanares from Spain and he does something called a press and slide which I believe is truly efficient. The other 4 will be, thumb walking, finger walking, a hook and back up and rotation on a point. So, let’s start with thumb walking.

With thumb strolling you’re essentially going to be utilizing the little part of, just this joint. Right, so you’ll just be doing that. A lot of times individuals will state to sort of shown up and pull back. I desire to really stress that if you can come down and keep pressure and just come up a bit and after that back down once again. So, you are moving infinitesimal, you’re hardly moving. You can practice on your forearm here. You’re going to be doing that. So you’re simply inching ahead and again you’re not going to turn up. A lot of people when they are teaching that, they turn up, so just make certain not to do that.

You’re going to with a foot, you’re going to push down just a little and show up and press down and show up, press down and come up. Now sometimes simply wave the foot a bit towards me which will enable you to go a little much deeper. As similarly, you might do finger walking. With finger strolling I typically use it on the top of the foot. We might likewise use it on the sides of the foot. But normally not on the bottom plantar aspect. So, with that, you’re simply going to be doing the very same example where you boil down and return up and pull back once again.

And you’ll see, I am supporting the foot with my thumb on the other side. So, my thumb is transferring to, you could in fact move down in between all of the metatarsal’s here. Hook and back up, you’re going to be utilizing our thumb and you’ll enter into a point then you push down and after that you’re going to have pull out simply a bit. It can be really deep. So, simply be mindful and check in with your person, ensure you’re not hurting them.

So again, you’re going to push down and lean in a bit then back up. Typically points that are truly great to use that on are the spleen reflex and the gall bladder reflex which are on either side of the feet. So, with this side you’ll go hook and back up.

Rotation on a point. You’re going to likewise utilize that thumb walking and you’re simply going to rotate the foot. So, it’s best under the metatarsal heads, you boil down and you just rotate over. I am really going to walk the, exactly what is called the diaphragm line. So, you enter and you’re simply going to turn there. You can review the entire diaphragm line.

Once again, if somebody is you know, really distressed or sensation stressed out, that diaphragm line, the solar plexus point, which is right here, and the adrenal gland reflex are really powerful. And the last point is journalism and slide with Dr. Manzanares. This is if you actually desire to get deep and you don’t wish to miss any points within there. So you’re going to in fact push down, you lean in, and you just move a little bit and check in with your individual, ensure you’re not injuring them. You know, you want to type of kick into it a place of parasympathetic, you understand, relaxation. If you surpass that, it’s not serve going to them. So, again you press in and after that you increase. Press in and slide and there will be consistent pressure.